Researcher/Investigator, Ethics Program, Campaign Legal Center

Location: Washington, DC
Campaign Legal Center
Researcher/Investigator, Ethics Program
Washington, D.C.

Position Summary

Central to the Campaign Legal Center's (CLC) mission is the protection of the right to a government free from both the reality and appearance of improper influence and corruption, To this end, CLC engages with federal regulatory agencies -- including the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- as well as state and local entities, to ensure vigorous and fair enforcement of ethics and campaign finance laws and to hold candidates and officeholders accountable for violating those laws. CLC additionally engages with Congress and state and local legislatures to support legislative reform efforts and to promote proactive measures to shine a spotlight on the problems with a broken system.

The Researcher/Investigator, Ethics Program will conduct the research to identify and inform ethics issues and support the development and implementation of both responsive and proactive actions consistent with CLC’s mission. In addition, this position may conduct research and analysis on campaign finance as well as other matters within Regulatory Programs. 

  • Conduct factual research to build a record and identify compliance issues regarding ethics laws.
  • Monitor and report on the activities of governmental ethics agencies and committees to ensure they are actively and appropriately enforcing ethics laws.
  • Advise, assist, draft and comment on proposed ethics legislation and regulations. This may include drafting petitions for rulemaking and commenting on proposed regulations, and drafting and presenting testimony at administrative and legislative hearings.   
  • Assist with ethics related litigation.
  • Promote effectiveness and transparency of ethics programs by ensuring that ethics information is publicly available.
  • Monitor and review public ethics filings of elected and appointed officeholders, as well as candidates for those positions, to identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest.
  • Research, draft and file letters and complaints regarding violations of the ethics laws, where appropriate.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • At least 2 years of research or journalism experience
  • Exceptional writing and analytical skills and ability to write for a general audience.
  • Proven ability to manage a detail driven project management with diverse stakeholders
  • Commitment to nonpartisan government reform.
  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills with a proven ability to work effectively and collaboratively as part of a team
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