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Chief Executive Officer, La Clínica del Pueblo

Washington, DC

La Clínica del Pueblo
Chief Executive Officer
Job Description

Compensation band: $225K-$275K

Location: Washington, DC, in office 4 days/week

About La Clínica del Pueblo

Our mission is to build a healthy Latino community through culturally appropriate health services, focusing on those most in need.

We envision a diverse, inclusive, healthy, safe, and happy community, free from violence and discrimination, where individuals have access to healthcare and are well-informed and empowered to care for themselves and their families.  Continually advocating for healthcare as a human right, we envision our community united and organized to end health inequities based on immigration status, language, gender, sexual identity, and race.

La Clínica del Pueblo Values:

La Clínica believes in and is guided by the following values:

Health Equity:  We believe that health care is a human right.

Enthusiasm:  We celebrate our community and culture.  We seek to bring joy, care, generosity, and positivity to even the most challenging situations.

Community:  We strive to empower and embody the community around us by staying true to our grassroots as a Latino service organization that commits to improve the health of all.

Perseverance:  We are strong, hardworking, and dedicated to working with patients as long as it takes to meet their needs.

Quality care:  We welcome all in a compassionate, culturally sensitive manner.  We seek to expand access to health care and to provide the best possible professional care for our patients in a holistic, sustainable, cost-effective manner.

Collaboration:  We are stronger by working together in an integrated model, by extending our reach through meaningful alliances, and by partnering with our patients to share responsibility in their health. 

What La Clínica Does:

Since 1983, La Clínica del Pueblo has been at the forefront of addressing the distinct health needs of the Latino immigrant community through comprehensive primary medical care with wrap-around services across the life spectrum, mental health and substance use treatment, medical interpretation and language access advocacy, community health including health education and safe spaces, and advocacy strategies to increase inclusion and health equity for Washington, DC’s immigrant population.

Created and inspired by social justice movements, La Clínica is committed to reducing health inequities based on immigration status, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, and race.

The La Clínica model is rooted in community. Over the years, La Clínica has trained and integrated hundreds of community members as key architects of programs, strategies, and vision. Services and staff reflect the cultural richness and diversity of the community–98% of La Clínica providers are bilingual.

La Clínica serves the Washington metropolitan region with physical locations in the District of Columbia and Prince George’s County. Locations include two clinical sites, two community-based sites, and a school-based program. The organizational budget is $17M and employs 148 deeply dedicated staff across the four locations, 98% of whom are bilingual.

The organization celebrated 40 years of impact in 2023 and developed a new ten-year strategy at the end of the year focused on La Clínica being recognized as the community leader in advancing immigrant health and wellness across the metropolitan Washington region. Raising visibility, promoting vitality, and strengthening voice for Latin American immigrant health are the key themes driving the organization toward growth and greater impact. As La Clínica centers these themes in their strategic direction, they remain rooted deeply in their social justice roots and origin story of compassion and solidarity with their chosen family of immigrants.

La Clínica is valued, deeply respected, and beloved by patients and community members due to its 40-year history of support and compassionate care of the local Latino immigrant community.

For more information, please visit www.lcdp.org.

About the CEO Position

La Clínica del Pueblo seeks a transformational healthcare leader deeply rooted in the Latin American immigrant community who brings a keen understanding of the complex healthcare terrain and the community healthcare ecosystem. The ideal candidate is bilingual, has an ethos of social justice and solidarity with the immigrant community, and an orientation of performance and excellent service – to staff, to community stakeholders, to champions of the organization, and especially to the individuals and families across the Metropolitan Washington region who rely on La Clínica del Pueblo for culturally sensitive, compassionate, and inclusive care.

The ideal candidate centers cultural humility and brings significant experience overseeing clinical services and community programs. They thrive in the community, connecting with government, philanthropic, and policy leaders. They are adept at cultivating and sustaining trust with Board members, staff, and the community. They maintain and share knowledge around the rapidly changing terrain of community health care, including the provision of quality care to underserved populations. They balance honoring history and the legacy roots of an organization while relentlessly focusing on future growth and impact, thinking creatively and infusing innovation across all functions of the organization. They engage, include, delegate, share power, and amplify others. The strongest candidates bring a record of success navigating changes in state health and immigrant rights policy, and leading organizations through unexpected challenges.

This is a unique opportunity for an experienced leader to build on a 40-year history and a solid strategic path forward, focusing on sustainability, growth, and culture. The new leader will be both internally focused on staff and strategy and externally focused on local government, funders, partners, and the community, ultimately impacting the health and well-being of Latino immigrants across Washington, DC, and Maryland.


Strategy and Leadership

  • Lead La Clinica’s strategic direction, collaborating with the Board, executive team, staff, and key external stakeholders to set, implement, and track goals aligned with the organization’s mission and vision
  • Cultivate and nurture a transparent and robust partnership with the Board, facilitating open dialogue concerning the evaluation of financial, clinical, programmatic, and societal impacts vis-à-vis predefined objectives for both the organization and the community
  • Ensure ongoing organizational excellence, thorough performance evaluation, and consistent, high-quality finance, administrative, fundraising, communications, and other systems
  • Direct the delivery of high-quality comprehensive health services and ensure the optimum functioning and quality of all aspects of the clinic and community programs
  • Develop and implement strategies that allow La Clínica to weather unexpected challenges, building resilience in key staff and programs

Team Management

  • Engage, lead, coach, develop, and mentor La Clinica’s executive team and inspire and empower all staff in the organization to set and reach meaningful, mission-driven goals
  • Build, support, and facilitate collaboration between clinical, administrative, and community staff and across organizational departments, functions, and tenures, and strengthen internal communications to cultivate strong, trusting working relationships at every level across locations
  • Model and promote an organizational culture reflective of La Clínica’s roots that centers the vision, mission, and values of the organization as well as performance, accountability, and impact

External Relations and Fundraising

  • Serve as the lead external representative of La Clínica in the community with funders, local and state policy leaders, organizational partners, and champions, advocating for the organization and ensuring that La Clínica is vocal and visible in relevant spaces
  • Actively seek out partnerships in a variety of spaces that benefit the patient community and staff of La Clínica
  • In collaboration with the Board and key staff, design and implement comprehensive communication and development strategies to amplify La Clinica’s commitment to immigrant health outcomes
  • Develop, cultivate, and deepen relationships with key philanthropic funders and government officials through stories of impact, clinical results, and a clear strategy for growth and change

Finance and Operations

  • Develop and oversee a model of care delivery that drives sustainability, growth, and impact
  • Steward finances in collaboration with the finance department and the Board’s finance committee and ensure clear financial reporting and accurate budgeting
  • Ensure creation, adherence to, and maintenance of organizational policies and procedures to facilitate effective workflow, decision-making, and communication protocols across the organization


  • Passion and a deep authentic commitment to the mission of La Clínica del Pueblo and an understanding of the needs of the Latino immigrant community
  • Bilingual Spanish and English fluency
  • A record of experience and success in community-based health services and the strategic drivers, trends, and forces that affect Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • An understanding of and a successful track record of navigating the local and state-based political, social, and economic conditions in which La Clínica operates 
  • Commitment to centering a high quality of care for patients in decision-making across the organization
  • Established ability to nurture ongoing commitment among the board and staff to further La Clínica's mission, leading the organization to exceed its goals and achieve significant impact
  • A record of championing effective change management, ensuring organizational stability and continuity of care while fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation
  • Successful record of management with an ability to set clear priorities, delegate, communicate, and hold staff accountable for their responsibilities
  • Strong business acumen with demonstrated knowledge of health care finance, regulatory issues, community-based health care, and value-based care
  • A record of success growing an organization, overseeing multiple clinic and program delivery sites preferred 

How to Apply
La Clínica del Pueblo has retained the executive search firm LeaderFit to partner with the Board and Search Committee on this search. Interested candidates should upload a brief cover letter and resume using the Apply Now button.

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