Chief Operating Officer, The Future Project

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 12-27-2016
Chief Operating Officer
The Future Project
New York, NY

The Position
The Future Project, one of the country’s fastest-growing nonprofits, loves to dream as it works to achieve its mission of unlocking the possibility of people—as do the young people we work with every day. But we are even more passionate about making those dreams reality, which is why we’re looking for one of the world’s most standout team leaders, business visionaries, and organizational architects to take responsibility for bringing our visions for the future to life, while injecting in them his or her own imagination and life.
What They Make Possible
The Future Project is a 100 person, 10MM organization serving tens of thousands of students preparing to make the leap to 10X that impact over the next several years. The linchpin in that transformation is a COO capable of leaping our infrastructure and culture without causing us to lose our imagination or soul, building TFP over time into America’s model social enterprise.
An extraordinary COO will lead the design and manifestation of a unique humanity-centered organization that demonstrates social impact and strong business fundamentals, structure and creativity, intuition and data, team-wide love and performance rigor—among other cultural attributes often seen as dichotomies—are not in opposition to one another but instead are stronger when co-existing. The COO is an ideator who thinks deeply and from first principles, but also a model executor; a visionary who sees invisible futures, but also a sequencer who knows how to get there; an architect and engineer of businesses, but also a resonant leader who inspires and uplifts in every interaction. The COO is confident and appropriately self-assured, but also unfailingly humble and eager to learn from our team and from the world.
Key Responsibilities
  • Develop and regularly review, in partnership with the President/CEO and Senior Management Team our long-, medium- and short-term vision, goals, strategy and plan.
  • Ensure the successful execution—and iteration—of our plan by enabling superlative organizational performance on all levels, assessing results and marshalling resources.
  • Architect and build a visionary, values-based company operating system that ensures the potential of the team is nourished and channeled to solve the hardest problems, that all leaders and functions are constantly improving, that business fundamentals get stronger every day, that teamwork is dynamic and strong, and that both efficiency and effectiveness are regularly reached and never unintentionally at odds with one another.
  • Oversee—and evolve the leaders who are managing—the core business functions of strategy, planning, and  analytics; finance; recruiting, hiring, and onboarding; training and development; performance management, staffing, and workforce planning; legal, compliance, and administration; information technology and physical plant. To ensure the COO can focus on the entire organization, SVPs for Business Operations and People/HR will likely ultimately report to the COO. Therefore, one role of the COO is to further build out this (already strong) team.
  • Serve as a dynamic organizational leader—contributing significantly to culture and internal communications for a distributed company that nevertheless thrives on connectivity, championing change, and providing thought leadership on a new way of working  and ensuring accountable performance for non-profits and social enterprises.
  • Demonstrated record of excellence and creativity in strategy, leadership, management
  • Comfortability in architecting, recruiting, hiring, managing, collaborating with, and unlocking the full potential of dynamic, cross-disciplinary teams
  • Vivid imagination and track record of original thinking in the realm of business, operations, and leadership
  • Facility with long-and-short-term project management and project management tools
  • Superlative written, oral, and facilitative communication skills
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In your cover letter, please tell us why you are passionate about our mission, what (in brief) the ideal team looks and feels like to you, and what makes you uniquely qualified for this role.
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